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Poomse consists of the various fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants attacking you from different directions. Each Poomse consists of an established sequence of movements beginning with a blocking technique and ending with an attacking technique. All techniques, which are taught in the studies of Tae Kwon Do, are used.

Each movement has a purpose as well as a philosophical meaning. Only from infinite practice and repetition, can the student begin to understand the true meaning and nature of Poomse. Balance, focus, coordination, breath control, self-discipline, to name a few, emerges as real benefits of continued Form practice. Performed with sincerity and conscious effort, the physical as well as mental and spiritual benefits are only then truly discovered. Therefore, Practice! Practice! Practice!

The reality of Poomse practice is that it prepares you to be able to execute the necessary offensive and defensive techniques in any direction, with the needed confidence, to protect and defend yourself or a loved one. Forms were formerly the only means Masters had to transmit the core of Tae Kwon Do and their interpretation of the Art to their students.

Poomse practice is considered extremely important, especially when performing during a promotional testing. Poomse could comprise up to 40-50% of the testing requirements necessary to achieve promotion to higher ranks. But, more importantly, it is impossible for a student to truly understand this ancient art, without a thorough appreciation of Poomse.

There are two types of Poomse (Forms), which are presently recognized by the WTF. They are the Taegueks and the Palgues. There are (8) eight of each style. The Forms are learned in sequence and taught in accordance with the ability of each student in order to prepare the student for more advanced Poomse. A student should never attempt to learn an advanced Form without the consent and permission of his/her Master Instructor. A beginner who attempts to perform advanced Poomse will only confuse and diminish the thought process in Poomse and ultimately lessen the hope of truly understanding ones appropriate level in Form practice. Therefore, know and understand your Form before you consider advancement.

Each Form has its own character and distinct quality. Like our own Character, through numberless Poomse practice we can begin to mold the rough edges of our character and eventually come to understand that Tae Kwon Do is an Art and has more substance in total than merely a means of self-defense.

Finally, to help us overcome complacency, idleness or the tendency to let our attention wander, Poomse will help serve to open the door to bringing mind, body and spirit as one. This focus can only result in a positive inspiration for any student to challenge everyday life’s endeavors. Not to mention the fact it will improve and develop a student total awareness and understanding of TaeKwonDo.

Lake Hughes • California