For young adults and teens, Taekwondo can make a tremendous difference in how youth of today progress and mature throughout their lives. The ways that Taekwondo can promote self improvement are immeasurable for teens. For instance, it helps build character, self esteem and self confidence, which translate into success in other areas of life as well.

Many children have fallen into the habit of watching an excessive amount of television. This can be educational depending on what is viewed, but it can also promote weight gain, inactivity and a limited attention span. By sacrificing some television time in order to practice Taekwondo, children become physically fit, energetic and focused. Taekwondo provides physical conditioning in the form of increased coordination, balance, strength, speed and endurance. These can all translate into significant gains in other sports and activities.

The improved physical health provided through Taekwondo increases kids’ levels of alertness and concentration thereby improving their mental health. This along with the discipline and sense of responsibility gained through Taekwondo, allows children to focus on and excel in their school work.

One problem faced by youth today is the exposure to gang activity and other negative influences in society. Youngsters are particularly susceptible to peer pressure, and the sense of honor and integrity and self control developed through Taekwondo can help them to overcome that. The dojang offers youth an alternative to hanging out on the streets. By practicing Taekwondo children experience a sense of belonging and camaraderie. They are also better prepared to handle a confrentation or to defend themselves if needed. As one black belt youth states, “I don’t get picked on and I’m more popular now.” Taekwondo offers an outlet to focus energy so kids will not be tempted to engage in undesirable activities.

Teens practicing Taekwondo instills a healthy sense of competition and enables youth to set and achieve goals. By teaching respect, courtesy, patience and perseverance Taekwondo influences children to become happy, productive members of society. Indomitable spirit, along with all the other qualities developed through Taekwondo, contributes to success and happiness in life. This is accomplished in a supportive and fun atmosphere!!

For Teens


Lake Hughes • California